Foundation for Marketing Programme

A woman presenting in front of a large screen. The back of two people watching.

If you’re a leader struggling to find the right way to market your company, it might be beneficial to take a pause from ‘doing’ and invest some time in strategic thinking. At a time when the world is in chaos, it’s easy to fall into knee-jerk marketing responses. Can your approach withstand the constant change that we’re currently living in?

Weekly Sessions to Inspire Marketing Change

We’re offering big-picture marketing, that digs deeper into how you are positioned, who your clients are, and what they need from you. Our masterclass series is nine facilitated two-hour discussions, with guided tasks in between. It’s designed to cover as much as possible, in a way that is cost effective for your business.

Shape Your Own Marketing Strategy

We will show you how to create a marketing strategy that reflects your commercial objectives. Our masterclasses have been designed to help decision-makers formulate a clear idea of how strategic marketing fits with overarching business objectives.

They are the step before you actively do-the-do! They are the big-thinking, head-scratching, untangling of everything that your business is, designed for leaders that have to set marketing objectives, rather than for those responsible for delivery.

One Price Multiple Participants ... Your Choice 

We really want to make a difference to your organisation, so we’d encourage you to select the leaders in your business who are most likely to create meaningful change, to join the sessions. The price is the same regardless of how many people take part. We’ve done this because we know that every business is unique, and genuine change-makers can be found in a variety of different roles.

We enjoy these masterclasses and find them interesting, creative and lively sessions. We’re curious people, full of questions and ideas … if you’d like to suss out whether we’d be a good fit for you, get in touch and we’ll set up an informal call.