Marketing is a common source of frustration in the boardroom – not generating enough new business or not generating leads of a high enough quality. Difficult to create, even more difficult to sustain. Difficult to measure, sometimes impossible to accurately attribute results to specific activities. Difficult to justify the expense, but considered a necessary evil. Bewildering. 
When it comes to B2B brand and marketing, figuring out what works and what doesn’t is right up our street! We’re good at understanding what’s what before we start making recommendations and  implementing change.
Naturally, nearly every project has some element of review at the start, but not all clients need us to do the implementation – some simply want an expert appraisal that can help inform activities that are happening elsewhere. We offer a B2B brand and marketing review package – an intensive project where we work with a business over a few weeks to review the following:
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Defintion
  • Marketing Implementation
  • Brand Content
  • Marketing Performance
We assess each of these 5 areas and produce a written report including our observations and recommendations – helping you understand what’s working in order to better plan for the future.
We’re curious, insightful and knowledgeable and enjoy meeting new people and businesses. We love this bit of what we do, so we’re actively trying to promote it more!
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