Orange shoes representing brand definition.

Strengthen your brand by defining who you are and understanding what’s perceived to be important.

Meaningful Characteristics

We can help you define the important characteristics of your brand, including; positioning, purpose, corporate culture, preferred personality – cutting through the legacy clutter and getting straight to the really good stuff – the meaningful reasons behind who you are, what you do and why.

Management Intentions

We’ll help you articulate the management intentions for your brand – staking claim to how you’d like your brand to be represented and perceived. Together, we’ll understand the intricacies of your company’s culture, how your company is structured to support your purpose, how you’re positioned in the market and differentiated from your competitors. We’ll also get to the bottom of why you’re doing what you do, what the bigger picture looks like, how your brand fits into your marketplace and… beyond economics… why it’s all worth doing.

Brand Articulation

We’ll help you distill all the characteristics of your brand and capture the essence of who you are – providing a strong foundation for refining your brand identity, creating brand content and focussing all future marketing activities. And, with a clear and meaningful articulation of your brand, everyone within your team will have a far greater appreciation of what’s important, why you do things the way you do and how your business should communicate with external audiences. We can help everyone understand the brand in greater detail – getting the whole team on-brand and working towards the same brand objectives.

Post it planning notes

James and his team have gone above and beyond in interpreting our requirements sympathetically and have really taken the trouble to understand the essence of CMC Partnership as an integral part of their process.
Michael Campbell
Director, CMC Partnership

Marketing Strategy Meeting
Designers at brand strategy meeting
Audit and Evaluation

The way James Good penetrated our business and culture was absolutely key to the final product. It’s easier to engage with global players, as we now appeal to partners of the highest calibre.
Steve Boswell
Director, S3 Process