Marketing Planning Programme

Our ‘Marketing Planning’ programme is designed for any business that needs to make marketing feel more co-ordinated. 

Perhaps you’re a business owner who would like to wrangle marketing under control… or a marketing manager who would just like an external perspective or a sounding board… or someone who hasn’t managed marketing before but is being asked to take the lead. Our programmes are delivered 1-to-1 (or 1-to-a-team), so whatever your position in the business, we’ll make sure our guidance is suitable for you.

By the end of the programme you’ll have clarity regarding where to focus your efforts (and budgets), what items to produce and how often, when and how to follow-up, how to manage marketing implementation, what to measure and how to effectively report performance… amongst a million other things!

Marketing training in action – Teams call on laptop and training materials on iPad

Transformational & Mind-Blowing!
Can’t express strongly enough how brilliant this Masterclass Programme has been for my start-up business - and I truly believe it would be just as well suited to a large, well-established company. It provoked some deep thinking, inspired some challenging changes of perspective, and left me excited and confident of my next steps by arming me with an approach that will grow with my business.
Lorraine Gailey
Founder - Hearing Partners

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Person taking photo of strategy planning session with their mobile device
James Good marketing in a bus shelter

Programme Outline

Delivered through a series of weekly sessions or as a more intensive course, if you’re really keen! Assignments will be set at the end of each session and plans reviewed as we go.

Budgeting & Marketing Expectations
Tackle the budget head-on – understand what is and isn’t included, build in flexibility to scale-up or scale-down as necessary, and set realistic expectations.

Marketing Activities & Channels
Determine which activities are actually relevant for communicating with your ideal audience and the channels that are most likely to help you connect with them.

Targeted Campaigns
Punctuate your plan with campaigns targeted towards a specific audience and improve how campaigns are packaged, planned, implemented and delivered.

Content Marketing & Ratios
Maximise the value of expensive content – creating exactly what’s required and fully utilising everything produced across all relevant channels.

Timing & Frequencies
Make marketing truly proactive with an appreciation of when to schedule activities and how often you want to be seen.

Roles & Responsibilities
Assign tasks, identify bottlenecks and make marketing implementation run as smoothly as possible.

Tools & Marketing System
Make more of the digital tools you most likely already have and develop a marketing system that integrates with the rest of the business.

Monitoring & Reporting
Define the meaningful measurements of success and provide management with performance reports that are actually useful for strategic decision making.


If you’d like to discuss how our marketing planning mentoring programme would work in practice for your business, of course, we’d love to hear from you…