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The role of a Non-Exec Marketing Director is to provide independent and strategic marketing guidance at a board level – helping to ensure marketing remains relevant and effective.

We work with small- and medium-sized businesses, to provide deep insight and high level strategic marketing support on a flexible basis.


What can you expect from a Non-Exec Marketing Director?

Marketing Strategy Review

Comprehensive review of your marketing strategy to understand if it’s sufficiently detailed to support the development of appropriately targeted and effective marketing.

Marketing Audit

Review of all marketing activity to gauge relevance and appropriateness of activities, channels, distribution, audiences, creativity, messaging, timing, frequency… and most importantly, the metrics for measuring success. 

Marketing Performance Analysis

Validation of lead scoring methodology – ensuring that scoring is meaningful. Reviewing lead quality and lead attribution to ensure marketing performance and ROI can be accurately reported.

Strategic Marketing Guidance

Consideration and strategic recommendations for marketing objective setting. Guidance for alignment of marketing with operations. Raising awareness of significant factors that may influence marketing and marketing outcomes.

Marketing Board Representation

Assessment of strategy and whether it remains fit for purpose. Report of marketing performance against marketing objectives. Summary of strategic recommendations.

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The way James Good penetrated our business and culture was absolutely key to the final product. It’s easier to engage with global players, as we now appeal to partners of the highest calibre.
Steve Boswell
Director, S3 Process


Experienced Marketing Leadership

We’ve been providing small and medium businesses with no-nonsense, pragmatic and straight-talking marketing leadership for more than 25 years.

Marketing Strategy Meeting
Post it planning notes
Audit and Evaluation

If you’re considering the benefits of having a strategic marketing leader at board level, we’d certainly like to talk. Send a message and we’ll arrange a Teams call to discuss the specific requirements of your business.