Agreus logo 3D type


Agreus is a boutique recruitment and resourcing consultancy working exclusively with family offices (the management offices of the world’s wealthiest families). They recognised that to secure growth they needed to invest in branding and marketing.



The challenge was two-fold, to position the organisation in a way that would both attract the right clients but also appeal to the candidates they needed to get ‘on their books’. Working in a family office requires a very specific skill set and Agreus needed to be able to reassure clients that they absolutely understood what matters most.

Any materials created had to be of exceptional quality – looking expensive and bespoke – without costing a fortune.



To start with James Good took Agreus through a consultancy process to help them identify the crucial elements of their brand and understand how they were different from their competitors.

After defining the characteristics of the brand, we then helped Agreus make some important changes, that would begin to elevate them in the eyes’ of both clients and potential candidates. Firstly we improved their logo, to give it more gravitas. We then created a very high quality company brochure that took them to a whole new level …

The brochure was printed on quality heavy weight paper, with a separate ornately patterned inside lining. It reinforced Agreus’ position as leaders in their sector, whilst piquing the interest of the most discerning clientele in the world. 

The new logo and brochure helped Agreus to raise their game, giving them something exceptional to leave with clients.

Agreus logo close up
Agreus logo close up detail
Agreus print pattern detail
Agreus graph detail in print
Agreus brochure detail