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Strengthen your business from the inside out by helping your team understand and share the vision.

Integration of company culture, personality and ethos is essential for growing and sustaining an engaged and brand-aware team. Successful businesses cultivate a strong feeling of belonging – this means that there is a low turnover of staff, higher productivity and much better customer service.

In terms of marketing, everything starts with your people – how they articulate your business is crucial to the way in which your clients perceive your products and services.

Staff discussing internal communications project

Leadership Development

Develop leaders that are capable of inspiring others and implementing change.

Supporting your leaders to confidently communicate your business objectives both internally and externally will motivate your team and impress your clients.

One-to-one or with an established leadership team, we’ll provide practical support – working towards your objectives and helping your top-level people implement change and kickstart growth.

Employee Engagement

Create an environment where individuals feel valued and encouraged to contribute.

Do all employees understand who you are and share your vision? Before embarking on any external marketing or communications activity we’ll make sure your team are on-board and on-brand.

Nurturing healthy communication across the business is vital to your ongoing success. A motivated and engaged team will feel that their opinion counts, appreciate your business objectives and be a far greater asset to your company.

Having understood your company culture, we’ll identify appropriate activities to build stronger relationships across your business – brand building workshops, one-to-one interviews, company-wide meetings – what ever it takes to ensure your team are positively contributing to your business.

Tools & Resources

Establish channels of communication that naturally suit your team.

It’s likely that your business is doing loads of great things, but no-one knows – either, you’re not telling people, or they’re not telling you. Giving your team appropriate channels for communication will keep your team engaged and your business talking. And, the right tools and resources can reduce frustrations between departments – ensuring everybody has access to the information they need, when they need it.

From online platforms – intranet or eLearning – to more traditional channels such as newsletters, policy documents and staff handbooks. With an understanding of your company culture we’ll be able to help you create the right channels and embed internal communications into everyday life.

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Amcanu Meeting
Amcanu Feedback Postcards

Having highlighted scepticism amongst my team, James helped us with small steps that were manageable. This meant our communication could exude the self-confidence that management and staff had always possessed – but been unable to express.
Owain Davies
Director, Amcanu