Science flasks representing the art and science of the marketing strategy service.

Improve marketing outcomes and grow your business with strategic focus.

A marketing strategy defines the parameters of marketing to provide focus for all marketing activities – what are you really selling, in which markets, when and where.

We can help you define your ideal audiences and understand the commercial rationale behind what makes each audience ideal. We’ll consider the motivations of prospective clients – when do they recognise they want to engage and what makes them do so. And, by understanding all the parameters, we’ll understand your meaningful propositions and how your positioning can be defined and communicated.

  • Products & Services
  • Ideal Audience
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Meaningful Propositions
  • Engagement Triggers
Brand Strategy session with Post-its

Defining your products, services, potential markets and competitors will lead us towards marketing activities that will be the most successful for your business. We’ll take the time to understand the inner-workings of your business before making strategic recommendations that are relevant for both your business and your ideal audience.


Together, we’ll define your commercial objectives, develop a marketing strategy and build an actionable marketing plan – tailoring our approach to be relevant. And, with an understanding of why clients have engaged you in the past, we’ll be able to refine marketing activities – delivering appropriate marketing communications at the most opportune time.


Marketing Strategy Meeting
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Audit and Evaluation

Brand Definition

A brand articulation defines the brand’s characteristics from a comprehensive range of perspectives and will be the most concise and authentic description of your brand – providing clarity for all future communications, both internally and externally. Having understood the brand in detail, we’ll help write statements that describe the brand in terms of; Positioning, Purpose, Composition, Soul, Culture and Personality. Brand definition is essential for articulating the management intentions for the brand and developing an understanding of what it means to be 'on brand'.

Key Marketing Messages

Clear, concise and compelling key messages will help you communicate who you are and why prospective clients should care. We have a preference for bold statements, each quickly substantiated – drawing clients to the topics of interest and demonstrating that you know your stuff. Key messages are ideal openers for; websites, digital advertising, presentations… helping you communicate with clarity, consistency and confidence across the whole business – ultimately, piquing the interest of the audience, re-enforcing your brand ethos, and inspiring your audience to want to engage further...

The way James Good penetrated our business and culture was absolutely key to the final product. It’s easier to engage with global players, as we now appeal to partners of the highest calibre.     
Steve Boswell     
Director, S3 Process