‘Digital Health Assembly: Open Innovation’ was created as a conference for digital health professionals from around the world to unite in a common goal – to accelerate developments in digital health through open innovation. We were approached to build an iconic brand identity and conference website to help sell the event and capitalise on the opportunity to put Wales in the spotlight for this sector.

Digital Health Assembly icon design


We started the design process with the cross symbol that’s universally synonymous with medics. We had many concepts for digital technology & communication that could potentially be incorporated into the design, so set to work experimenting. The result after many iterations was a beautifully balanced icon that clearly captured the purpose of the conference, hinting at wireless communication, discussion and collaboration whilst maintaining the core concept of the medical cross. This sits perfectly paired with the Proxima Nova typeface – a bold confident geometric sans serif sharing a similar weight and feel to the icon.

Fully responsive online programme of events
DHA example collateral
Mobile UX considered in detail


The Digital Health Assembly was a huge success, putting South Wales firmly on the map for eHealth open innovation. Over three days delegates actively networked with industry peers, attended keynote sessions from world leading digital health speakers and engaged in discussions and workshops. The identity was carried through every touchpoint and resulted in a professional and polished feel.

Mockup of conference space using the identity style