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Techealth is based at Swansea University and headed by Professor Harold Thimbleby who is world-renowned for his technical expertise and safety conscious vision. Comprising an experienced team of specialist researchers and computing, engineering and life science experts, they deliver customised research and training that enables organisations to demonstrate a serious commitment to the safety of customers and end-users. Techhealth approached James Good with a problem, they only had a name, a team and a small amount of funding, they needed to communicate their offering and present themselves to funders in order to secure future investment. Brand definition and key messaging was priority, partnered with a strong visual identity to ensure they would be noticed.


The brand definition led to the creation of a set of statements to concisely communicate Techealth’s offering. The phrase “Safety Consciousness” was formed as a perfect representation of what Techealth were seeking to offer.

Designing the icon we wanted something simple, memorable and strong, the hexagon being an extremely stong and efficient shape seemed fitting for a company improving efficiencies through safer technology. The centre hexagon represented the core product, reinforced with a protective shell to represent the work Techealth would be doing, by rounding the outer edges we were implying the shape had been made safe – the result was very simple, but effective and meaningful.

Colour played a key role in differentiating Techealth. There was a requirement for this project to really stand out and break away from the blue tones often associated with research & development companies. We chose to go with a vibrant green Pantone – being naturally associated with a sense of action and progress this complemented the design perfectly and formed a key part of the identity.

As with all of our identities, the typography is always a key consideration, for Techealth the logotype uses the characterful Museo Bold typeface paired with the Ubuntu typeface family for setting copy. The two work well together because they share similar features. The result is clean, modern typography with a technical feel.

Identity design

Improving safety by supporting the development of safer technologies.

Brand Communications
Brand Guidelines


The challenge of this project was delivering a memorable brand with a very limited budget and in a short timeframe. We succeeded with James Good providing Techealth with a brand style, guidelines and a clearly communicated articulation with which to seek investment. We designed a simple responsive website to establish an online presence and a leave-behind brochure to ensure the brand would be remembered by potential investors. The future of Techealth now lies in their hands.

Fully responsive website
Committed to saving lives (text)