Orange shoes to represent brand identity.

Make a positive impact in an instant – convey what’s important and draw your ideal clients closer.

A thoughtfully conceived brand identity will ‘fit’ – capturing the essence of who you are and leaving a lasting impression with your clients. As your business becomes familiar in your market, your identity will be remembered and you’ll find yourself able to proactively build on each piece of marketing, without having to start from the ground up each time.

We’ll help you convey who you are at a glance, capture the attention of clients and raise your perceived value.

Designer working on sail identity

Naming & Straplines

Be remembered with a name that conveys the essence of your brand.

Finding the right company name and strapline is a vital decision for every business owner. These key components are powerful cornerstones of your brand identity. By understanding your brand characteristics, sector and competitors, together we’ll help come up with a name and strapline that represents your business perfectly – and you’ll be proud of.

Identity Design

Visually communicate your values and credibility to attract ideal clients.

Your identity is absolutely critical as clients evaluate your business and line you up against competitors. A strong and cohesive visual identity demonstrates that you’re professional, conveys credibility and provides great reassurance to prospective clients.

Our identities evolve from thought-provoking concepts, designed to effectively reflect the brand’s qualities, into designs that inspire confidence and improve marketing effectiveness.

Learn more about our identity design service.

We’re confident of the image our business projects; it’s professional and appropriate.
Steve Boswell
Director, S3 Process


Capture an authentic image of your business and develop an identifiable style.

Good photography is critical in presenting a professional image of your business. And, high quality photographs that reflect your corporate style, immediately set you apart from competitors.

Custom photographs give prospective clients an insight into the inner-workings of your business – inviting them to take a look behind the scenes further validating your credibility.

Typically our photography includes:

  • Workplaces
  • People at work
  • Team portraits
  • Products
  • Conceptual images to represent services

We’ll make sure your images capture your company in its best light, while conveying a sense of who you really are.

See examples of our photography and read more about our photography service.

Reviewing S3 Process proofs
Typography in brochure identity
Identity carried through onto website tablet device

Key Messages

Communicate what you do and why, with clear, concise, compelling copy.

To pique the interest of clients, your business needs to communicate quickly and effectively, with messages that convey what’s important, meaningful and relevant.

Key messages will re-enforce your brand, help your business communicate with confidence and inspire the reader to want to learn more – leaving prospective clients with no doubt that you’d be their preferred supplier.