Tail of a Joon airplane

Like so many mainstream airlines, Air-France KLM are launching a sub-brand to try and get greater market share. The usual model (see BA launching 'Level' and Lufthansa with 'Eurowings') is simply to create a low-cost airline which is a subsidiary of the parent brand. Air-France KLM have taken a slightly different approach with the launch of 'Joon', which they say is an airline targeting millennials rather than a low-cost option – differentiating by propositions other than price, aimed at a specific target audience. 

To this end, Joon will focus on 18 to 35 year olds, who they see as "spontaneous and absolutely digital". Targeting a brand towards a specific audience is obviously a good idea but it’s rarely useful to declare, 'we’re targeting xyz' … this risks alienating everyone else. Positioning yourself towards the right audience should be done with a brand identity that appeals to your market. It’s subtle and implicit rather than stated.

The same goes for the uniform, which is discussed at length on the Joon website, it shouldn’t be discussed, just felt. If millennials are drawn to cabin crew in jeans – great. If millennials are offended by trolly dollies – even better. But we don’t need to be told we’ll be welcomed by, “flight attendants in smart casual attire for a flying experience that's both stylish and relaxed." 

It’s all just a little condescending … or perhaps we’re getting old?!